Our target group are small and medium entrepeneurs. You will notice that also when you inform about our rates for advertisements. U can put your add on one of our websites or on all of our websites for a month of for a year. Depending on how long you would like to put your add on our website the lower the price of the add will be. And there are more advantages:

  • You can place an advertisement on our website for € 25 per month
  • With a contract for a period of a minimum for 6 months you get one month for free
  • With a contract for a period of a minimum for a year you get two months for free and  your company will have free access to our database and your companies proifle will be visable in our database for free as well. So you receive a free membership for free! Worth € 60 per year.

If you would like to advertise but you do not have a banner, we can design one for you.


  • 1 format € 35
  • 2 formats € 45
  • 3 formats € 55
  • 4 formats € 65

Moving banners (gif) cost € 25 extra.

You can advertise on one website or on alle of our websites. We can offer you interresting rates to give you access to our world wide network where you can promote your business.

Other advantages:

  • We have also interesting rates for putting your add on our newsletter
  • If you become a premium member you receive an extra discount when the period you want your add on our website is minimum a year.
  • You can send us a short review of your company and the sector you are working in and we publish it for free to give you extra exposure.

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