According to the Armenia Investment Map 2017 the competitive environment varies across the industries in Armenia. There are sectors where a few large players control the market, including import of petrol, sugar and wheat, production of salt, tobacco and cement. However, the majority of the economic sectors, especially service and export sectors, where repatriates have a natural advantage, are enjoying competitive environments.

The Armenian Government has successfully reformed the regulatory framework for the business. The simplified procedures for state registration and licensing have significantly reduced the time and efforts spent by companies; a one-stop-shop for company registration and introduced online-registration system has been established. For standard cases, the state registration can be done within a day and a license receipt within 3 days

Investment opportunities

  • IT
  • Life Science
  • Wine and Brandy
  • Textile and garment
  • Jewelry making and diamond cutting
  • Renewable energies
  • Tourism
  • Bottled mineral water
  • Fruit and vegetable processing


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