Yemen lies at the southern end of the Arabian Peninsula and has frontiers with Saudi Arabia and Oman and controls the strategic straits at the Southern entrance to the Red Sea (Bab al Mendab). The north of the country has three well-defined areas: a coastal strip along the Red Sea, the highlands inland and a desert area to the east. The south consists largely of mountains and desert. The  population is poor and largely rural, but there has been large-scale urbanisation in the last decade and almost half of the population now live in towns

Yemen is not a rich country, but the presence of oil, gas and mineral deposits, the amount of  development aid flowing into the country and the unequal distribution of wealth amongst the  population mean that commercial opportunities exist

Priority sectors

  • Power Generation and Transmission – Yemen plans to add 2000 MW of
  • power immediately and 10,000 MW in the distant future
  • Oil and gas machinery – opportunities through the Yemen LNG project
  • EPC Contracts
  • Pharmaceuticals – Yemen has over 2,000 pharmacies.
  • Agricultural equipment – demand for irrigation and bee-keeping equipment
  • Food processing and equipment – especially fish
  • General Trading


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