Lebanon is situated in a strategic geographical location: at the heart of the Middle East and the crossroads of three continents: Africa, Europe and Asia; Lebanon has long been the convergence point of trade routes and the meeting place for a wide variety of people, the basis of today’s uniquely diverse and rich national culture Lebanon offers the most liberal investment climate in the Middle East backed by a free market economy, a long tradition of free trade regime,a sophisticated banking system, a developed legal framework, a superbly skilled workforce, and an exceptional lifestyle. Lebanon offers a large number of investment opportunities in all sectors of the Lebanese national economy and more specifically in the Tourism and Agro-food industries, Light & Medium industries, Agriculture, Health, Telecommunications, Energy, Environment, Transportation, and Information Technology sectors.

The government has shown commitment to protect economic competitiveness and has implemented a number of structural reforms to further stimulate growth and investments. These reforms have been attractive to foreign investments. New policies have been adopted, and modern laws have been promulgated such as:

  • Foreign Acquisition of Property law that facilitates and streamlines the acquisition of real estate by foreigners.
  • The implementation of the Investment Law and the establishment of The Investment Development Authority of Lebanon (IDAL).
  • Customs Law that facilitates import and export procedures.
  • Reduction of Customs Duties on almost all imports and especially raw material, equipment destined for industrial use, and IT-related products

The Lebanese economy revolves around Agriculture, Tourism, Commerce, and Banking. Lebanon boast of having the highest proportion of cultivable land in the whole of the Arab world and it is noted for the cultivation of crops like peaches, apples, lemons and oranges. The Agric sector is one of the major employer of labor in Lebanon but the services sector remains the highest employer of labor though with about 65% of the Lebanese workforce working in this sector.

Beirut the capital city of Lebanon has a very rich and robust nightlife hence attracting tourists who are heading towards the Middle East on vacation. It is important to note that Lebanon is ranked as 10th best country in terms of quality education and the 4th best country for math and science education in the world.

Business opportunities in Lebanon

Night Club Business

Beirut which is the capital city of Lebanon can boast of a very rich and robust night life that is just basically why there are appreciable numbers of Night Club in the city. Establishing a Night club in Beirut is indeed a profitable business enterprise.

So if you intend establishing a business in Lebanon, you may want to consider starting a Night Club. All you need to worry about is the security of your customers. Once you put in place the right security measures, you wouldn’t have to worry about clients trooping to your night club every night. No doubt if your night club is properly managed, you will reap good returns on your investment.

Car Rental Service

Car rental service is another thriving business in Lebanon; you can establish your car rental company in any of the cities in Lebanon and can be rest assured to make huge returns on your investment. Most people running this kind of business prefer establishing their company in Beirut rather than other cities because of the high patronage they stand to get in Beirut.

Home Tutors Service

Education is taken seriously by all stake holders in Lebanon. The government and even each family in Lebanon ensure that they place high premium on education. So, if you are a teacher and you are looking towards running a business on part – time basis, then you should consider establishing your own home tutor service. If you are good in math or sciences you will be in high demand in Lebanon.

Fruit Farming

The soil composition in Lebanon is highly suitable for the cultivation of fruits like peaches, apples, lemons and oranges. Hence, if your intention is to build a business in the Agric sector, then you should consider starting your own fruit farm. It is indeed a profitable venture and you are sure of getting bountiful harvest year after year. The market for fruits cultivated in Lebanon is large; it comprises both the local market and the international market.

Juice Production Company

The fact that you can get varieties of fruits at a cheaper rate in Lebanon makes it ideal to establish a Juice Production Company. One of the challenges fruits farmers face in Lebanon is the preservation of their fruits. You would be at an advantage when you establish your own juice production company in Lebanon.

The cost of running this kind of business in Lebanon especially in the outskirt of town is cheap and the market is not restricted to Lebanon alone; you can export your juice to other countries especially neighboring country like Syria.

Financial Consultancy

If you are a financial expert, you will do well in Lebanon as a financial consultant to business. This is so because Lebanon has loads of small businesses that can’t afford to employ professionals such as accountant and internal auditor. So as a financial expert in Lebanon it will pay you to be your own boss by establishing your own financial consultancy business.

Bakery and Confectionery Business

Bakery and Confectionery Business is yet another flourishing business in Lebanon. The good thing about this kind of business is that it enjoys patronage from every household in Lebanon. Even if you are not a trained baker and you intend establishing your own Bakery and Confectionery Business, it won’t cost you more than a month to learn the trade. The training is easy and affordable.

Door to Door Courier Service

Door to Door Courier service is a unique business in Lebanon. All you need to do to gain people’s trust in this kind of business is to prove over and over again that you are reliable by meeting every delivery targets given to you by your clients and also ensuring that you avoid missing parcels. If your clients complain of missing parcels on transit, then it wouldn’t be long before you go out of business. Just make sure you employ only trustworthy and efficient dispatchers.

Chocolate Manufacturing Company

If you u have interest in establishing a factory in Lebanon, then you should consider establishing a chocolate factory. Chocolates are widely consumed in Lebanon and if you are in this line of business, you would sure make good returns on your investment.

Restaurant and Bar

Restaurant and Bars is yet another thriving business in Lebanon. Recent statistics indicates that Japanese account for the largest numbers of visitors to Lebanon, so all you need to do to leverage on this statistic is to add Japanese cuisine in your menu list. Although majority of Lebanese are Muslims, but they don’t have any problem if alcoholic drinks are sold in their country.


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