Israel is an exciting place to do business. The country is a hotbed for innovation, with start-ups numbering in the thousands and with government creating many opportunities for companies – both new and old – to grow and succeed. This has had results, with the economy is growing and has been for a long time, with growth rates between nearly 2.5% and 5% for the last five years. In fact, it has outperformed both the EU and the US every year since 2006.

The country particularly shines in tech, where it, by its own admission, stands on the world’s medals platform. Israel is working hard to stay there, with huge investments and a lot of attention dedicated to keeping the technological edge the country uses to stay ahead economically and strategically.

Israel rests on the southeastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea, bordering Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Palestine and Egypt.

Despite land disputes that have gone on since Israel’s 1948 inception, 83% of the world’s countries recognizes Israel as a state. And this nation isn’t only about Judaism either.

Israel has the third highest entrepreneurship rate in the world, and the most women and over-55 entrepreneurs as well.

The capital city and seat of power of Israel is Jerusalem and it is the largest city. Other major cities in Israel are Beersheba, Nazareth, Tel Aviv, Ramla, Ariel and Haifa. It is important to state that Israel has the highest standard of living in the Middle East and also the 5th highest standard of living in the whole of the Asian continent.

In 2012, the economy of Israel was rated as the 43rd largest in the world in terms of GDP. As a matter of facts, when it comes to economic and Industrial development, Israel is rated as one of the most advanced countries in the whole of the Southwest Asia and the number 1 country in the world when it comes to Research and Development.

With regards to the ease of doing business, Israel is ranked 3rd in its region and 38th globally. So if you are looking for a country to establish your business, then you should look towards Israel especially if you are starting your business from the scratch because Israel has policies in place that supports startup businesses. Little wonder it can boast of having the 2nd largest numbers of start-up businesses in the world.

Israel’s economy revolves around both the agricultural and industrial sectors. Tourism is also another key contributor to the GDP of Israel. Israel is a major manufacturer and exporter of software, computerized systems, medical equipments, communication technology, cut diamonds, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, fruits, military technology and electronics.

It is also important to mention that Israel is the leading nation when it comes to the development of Solar Energy and Geothermal Energy. Let us quickly go through some of the top business opportunities that are available in Israel;

Small Business Investment Opportunities in Israel

Medical Equipments Manufacturing Business

Israel happens to be the number one destination when it comes to the manufacturing of medical equipments. So if you thinking of establishing your own medical equipments manufacturing company, then you should look toward Israel due to all the positives you stand to benefit. You would have enough competent hands to work with, and you can be sure to have favorable Government policies that are sure to support your business from infancy stage.

Software Development Company

Israeli software developers are considered as one of the best in the world. Loads of top notch companies globally contract the development of their software to companies in Israel. All you need to do to get your own market share from this industry is to establish your own software development company in Israel, and then source for clients globally. It is indeed a very vibrant and rapid growing industry and it is still very much open to investors.

Solar Panel Manufacturing Company

Israel happens to be the inventor of solar energy and also they are the highest exporter of standard solar panels, amongst others. If you are thinking of starting your own business in Israel, then you should consider establishing a Solar Panel Manufacturing Company. The good thing about this kind of business is that the demand for Solar Panel in African countries and even in Asia and South American nations is very high.

So, all you need to do is to establish your Solar Panel Manufacturing Company in Israel due to the advantages you stand to get and then think towards branching out to countries where the demand for your products is very high.

Electronics and Gadget Store

Electronics and Gadget store is one easy to start business in Israel. Home appliances are always in demand as long as technology remains dynamic. So, all you need to do to get started with this kind of business is to look for shop in a place that is easily accessible and ensure you get your stocks at a cheaper rate directly from the manufacturer if indeed you desire to make good profits off every sale.

Tourists Guide

Loads of people visit Israel year after year for different reasons. Chief amongst the reasons why people visit Israel is for religious pilgrimage. If you are conversant with historical sites in Israel and you can speak more than one international language, then you should look towards working for yourself as a tourist guide. You can gain leverage by partnering with established Travels and Tours Company.

Fruits Plantation

Israel can boast to be the leading nation when it comes to irrigation and that has been very useful in the agriculture sector. Israel is notable for the cultivation of high breed fruits, amongst others. If you want to leverage on the scientific prowess of Israel, then you should consider starting your own Fruits Plantation in Israel. As a farmer in Israel, you will be exposed to loads of information and equipments that can help you in with mechanized farming.

Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing Company

Another thriving industry in Israel is the production of Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals products. The demand for chemicals and pharmaceuticals products produced in Israel is of high demand globally because of the respect the world has for scientists and researchers from Israel.

Hotels and Accommodation Business

No doubt if you establish your own Hotels and Accommodation business in Israel you would definitely have enough clients lodging in your hotel rooms per time. This is so because people from all over the world visit Israel for Pilgrimage and most definitely look for places to lodge during their stay. So if your hotel is well positioned, then you would have more than enough clients per time.

Diamond Store

If you are looking in the direction of starting a business in Israel, you should consider opening your own Diamond store. This is indeed another thriving business in Israel especially if your shop is situated in a location that is prone to high human and vehicular traffic.

Water Refill Business

Another profitable business with high daily patronage that you can establish in Israel is a Water Refill Station. The need for portable water in Israel is high due to the nature of the land composition. Although it might be expensive drilling water from the ground in Israel, but in the long run it is indeed a profitable venture.

There you have it; some of the top business opportunities available to investors in Israel. Plug into one or more of these opportunities and you wouldn’t regret it.


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