Bahrain Bay Masterplan

The Kingdom of Bahrain is an island country in the middle of the Arabian Gulf. It is comprised of over 30 islands and shares maritime borders with Iran, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. Most of the industries in Bahrain are based on oil, but the country has expanded into the tourism and telecommunications industries to make use of their geographic location and infrastructure.

Bahrain has an open economy and their currency (Bahraini Dinar) is the second highest valued currency unit in the world, after the Kuwaiti Dinar. Bahrain has a successful financial sector and the capital city, Manama, is home to many large financial companies.

There are certain business activities that are reserved for Bahraini nationals and companies. Companies that fall under these categories must have Bahrainis as majority shareholders.

Foreign companies that don’t want to purchase land in Bahrain may lease it from the government.

Bahrain does not trade with countries where there is a United Nations measure that prohibits trade with that country. They also ban all dealings with Israeli citizens and entities. In 2017, Bahrain severed diplomatic ties, cut trade and stopped transport links with Qatar.

Future Outlook

Bahrain and other members of the GCC continue to be impacted by low oil prices however, they are taking steps to lessen this impact. The Economic Development Board currently targets five priority sectors for investment: financial services, manufacturing, logistics, information and communications technology and tourism. This has caused many international companies to begin investing and expanding in Bahrain.

Bahrain is also determined to build a national fiber optic broadband network, which will reach 95% of households and 100% of businesses by the end of this year. They are also focused on the expansion of public waterfront developments, improving access to cultural sites and large scale development projects from the private and public sectors.

Best business opportunities in Bahrain

Construction Company

Known for being a resilient market, the real estate industry in Bahrain is growing each year, unlike it’s neighboring countries.

Ever since the Kingdom started counting on the non-oil sectors, and it’s economy has witnessed an unmatched stability that kept the Kingdom going despite the oil slump.

Any investor interested in the market will make a fortune out of it.

The under construction market in the Kingdom of Bahrain is an ever-growing market, which is why going for establishing a construction company will reap the rewards.


Food is the ultimate pleasure factor, which is why opening a restaurant in the Kingdom is a great business idea. The most recognized destinations of such investments is Block 338 in the district of Adliya, also known as the fine dining district of Bahrain.

With many nationalities living and working in the country, the culinary scene has expanded offering new flavors and introducing new cuisines.

Just make sure when going for the restaurant plan to introduce something that stands out from the rest whether the theme of the venue, it’s eclectic menu or toothsome eats.

Interior Designing Company

With many real estate developments being sold off plan and many more upcoming projects in all real estate sectors, thinking of opening an interior designing company will pay off.

Whether you are going to work with major real estate developers or individuals, invading this field in the Kingdom will make you one of the wealthy investors.

Events Planning

Starting from a small birthday party to organizing a real estate exhibition for instance, opening an events planning business in Bahrain is considered one of the winning businesses ideas.

With many international companies based in Bahrain in all fields, hosting an exhibition or a conference or even a small party is something that requires real planning and great expertise.

Which is why an events planning business in the Kingdom is considered one smart choice.

Cleaning Services

Many homeowners, hotels, restaurants and companies are in desperate need for cleaning services.

Establishing a business that provides professional cleaning services in Bahrain will require a thorough search for qualified and well-trained individuals, however, it’s one business that is bound to get you more profit than you planned.

Financial Consultancy Company

One of the most thriving sector in the Kingdom of Bahrain is it’s banking sector.

And whether you decided to start your own financial consultancy service agency or even better, you decided to start your own bank, starting a financial consultancy business in the Kingdom of Bahrain these days – if you have the relevant experience- is definitely a profitable business idea.

Real Estate Brokerage Company

As we mentioned earlier, the real estate market in Bahrain has proved to be a stable market over the past couple of years despite the circumstances.

Which is why if you are thinking of working as a freelance real estate agent or starting your own real estate brokerage company, your business will be a successful one.

With many real estate projects currently in the process of construction and others are in the process of planning, Bahrain is considered an attraction when it comes to real estate investment. If you already made your decision regarding starting your business in Bahrain, you can find in the following link a list of the best commercial properties offered for sale as well commercial units for rent in Bahrain.


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